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Todd Somers, avid sports fan and a former Northwestern quarterback, often wondered why he had to wait in long lines at concession stands for mustard and ketchup. What a pain! Then one day, the fateful question hit him (not literally): “Why hasn’t anyone combined two of America’s favorite condiments? And why isn’t a convenient, HEALTHY combo available when so many of us love the taste of mustard and ketchup together, and the delicious food pairings it creates?”

So Todd and Ann–his wife and college sweetheart–started experimenting in their kitchen. They blended mustard and ketchup in various amounts with a children’s medicine syringe. They discovered some very interesting flavors, and for fun, named their concoction MustKetch®. And guess who the first taste–testers were? Their own six children! 

This team is supported by the our very large Somers Family. We only want healthy, wholesome food for our family, and we’re sure you only want wholesome food for your family too. That’s why we are committed to bringing new, absolutely delicious condiments to our customers, to whom we are deeply grateful for being a part of the MustKetch Family.