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Mustketch Avocado Toast

There’s no need to go out for brunch when you can make delicious MustKetch Avocado Toast at home! Simply drizzle your favorite MustKetch flavor…

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Loaded Bacon Wrapped Hotdog

Check out this loaded hot dog we whipped up! Made with Mustketch, bacon, and avocado- we're sure you're going to love this dog! Ingredients:…

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Mustketch Pulled Pork

We cooked up a delicious MustKetch Pulled Pork Slider recipe with Mustketch Smoke just in time for summer! Check it out here and let…

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Mustketch Chili Cheese Dog

We love experimenting with hot dogs around here, so we cooked up a chili cheese dog with Smoke MustKetch - a tasty dog with…

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