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Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

Melty cheese, a crispy bagel, soft scrambled eggs, and of course some tasty, tangy MustKetch- you’ve got to make our Breakfast Bagel Sandwich this weekend! You’ll be glad you did!


· 1 Everything Bagel

· 2 Eggs

· Cheddar Cheese Slice

· Bacon

· MustKetch Original

· Salt and Pepper to taste


· Slice bagel in half and put bagel in toaster.

· Cook bacon slices in skillet, cook until crispy.

· Mix eggs together in bowl, add salt and pepper to taste, and add eggs to pan on low heat. Cook until eggs are cooked to your preference.

· Spread MustKetch Original onto toasted bagel, place eggs on top. While still warm, place cheddar cheese slice on eggs to melt, followed by slices of bacon.

· Cut bagel sandwich in half and serve!