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Grilled Vegetables With Mustketch

MustKetch is a great condiment to dip just about anything in! From french fries to chicken fingers, and if you like to eat on the healthier side- even vegetables! Check out our recipe for grilled veggies and MustKetch below!



· Zucchini

· Yellow and Red Peppers

· Purple Onions

· Any of your favorite veggies!



· Start by preheating grill

· Slice your zucchinis into halves, long way. Slice again from the top to create long, thin strips.

· Slice peppers into inch wide pieces (About 8 pieces per peppers)

· Cut purple onions into slices.

· Spray vegetables with PAM cooking spray and place on grill.

· Keep an eye on your veggies, as they may all cook at different rates. Flip when ready, about 3-5 minutes per side.

· Serve with your favorite MustKetch flavor!