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Healthy Turkey Burger

Who says eating healthy can’t be delicious? This turkey burger is truly the best of both worlds- a juicy, flavorful burger with avocado and cabbage, and of course MustKetch!


· 1 lb. Ground Turkey

· 1 Egg

· Hamburger Buns

· 1 Head of Cabbage

· 2 Avocados

· MustKetch Original

· Salt and Pepper


· Begin with starting grill.

· Mix ground turkey, egg, and salt and pepper to taste in a mixing bowl. Work into medium sized hamburger patties.

· Once grill is preheated, spray with PAM cooking spray and place hamburger patties on grill.

· Slice cabbage into thin strips.

· Cut avocado into thin slices.

· Place hamburger buns onto grill to toast.

· Once buns are toasted, assemble burger. Start by spreading MustKetch onto bottom bun, followed by shredded cabbage, turkey burger, avocado slices, followed by the top bun.

· Serve with potato chips or French fries and enjoy!