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Mustketch Avocado Toast

There’s no need to go out for brunch when you can make delicious MustKetch Avocado Toast at home! Simply drizzle your favorite MustKetch flavor over avocado toast for an avo-lutely delicious breakfast. Check out our recipe below!


· Sliced Artisan Bread

· 1 Avocado

· 2 Hardboiled Eggs

· Red Chili Flakes

· Mustketch Smoke


· Begin by boiling eggs until your desired texture, usually 5- 7 minutes.

· While eggs are boiling, toast your bread

· Slice avocado into thin slices

· Lay avocado slices across toasted bread in a line

· Once eggs are cooked and cooled, peel eggs, slice, and lay on top of avocado

· Top your avocado with Mustketch Smoke and red chili flakes for extra spice!