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Mustketch Breakfast Burger

There’s nothing better than indulging in a delicious breakfast on a Saturday morning! Click here to get the recipe for out MustKetch Breakfast Burger and prepare to be amazed!


· 1 Lb. Ground Beef

· 1 Egg

· 1 Avocado

· ½ Lb. Bacon

· Cheddar Cheese

· MustKetch Zesty

· Sesame Seed Buns


· Start by forming forming your ground beef into patties. Place patties on non-stick, medium-heat pan. Flipping after about 5 minutes.

· Add sliced cheese on top of patty once it is almost done cooking.

· In a separate pan, start frying an egg.

· You’ll also want to start cooking your bacon in a separate pan or in the oven at 400 degrees until cooked to your desired crispiness.

· Toast bun over low heat and spread with MustKetch Zesty before placing your cooked burger patty on bun.

· Add sliced avocado, egg, and more MustKetch Zesty before topping off your burger.

· Be sure to pop the yolk before diving in to your breakfast burger!