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Mustketch Chicken Sandwich

We whipped up a delicious grilled chicken sandwich for summer and instead of topping it with mayo or pesto, we used Zesty MustKetch to step the flavor up a notch! And boy, did it! Be sure to make this recipe to try our juicy, flavorful chicken sandwich.


· 2 Chicken Breast

· 4 Tbs. Zesty Mustketch

· Head of Lettuce

· 1 Tomato

· 1 Avocado

· Ciabatta Buns

· Makes 2 servings


· Begin by toasting ciabatta bread buns in the oven

· Put chicken breast in Ziploc bag with dash of olive oil. Pound chicken with heavy object. The olive oil bottle will work just fine

· Place pounded chicken breasts on grill until thoroughly cooked

· Prepare all vegetables by cutting into slices

· Once chicken is cooked, assemble sandwich. Put 2 tsp of Zesty Mustketch on top of chicken breast

· Serve with your favorite chips for a complete lunch!