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Mustketch Double Cheeseburger

Who doesn’t love a good burger? This MustKetch Double Cheeseburger is full of tasty flavor and is sure to please the meat lover in your family. Make it your own by adding extra toppings to this delectable burger.


· 1 tsp unsalted butter

· 2- 3 oz. ground beef patties

· 2- 1 oz. slices of American cheese

· 1 ½ tbs MustKetch Original

· 1 roma tomato, cut in ¼ in. slices

· 1 slice of white onion

· Kosher salt, to taste

· Pepper, to taste

· 1 sesame seed bun


· Preheat a oven to 375 degrees

· Spread the unsalted butter on both sides of the sesame seed bun and toast until golden brown.

· Season the ground beef patties with salt and pepper, placing them on a preheated grill. Grill both sides of the burger patties, continue to grill until the internal temperature reaches 155 degrees.

· Remove the patties from the grill and top with 1, 1 oz slice of American cheese.

· Stack the patties on top of each other and bake in the oven until cheese is completely melted, approximately 2 minutes.

· Top the toasted bottom half of the sesame seed bun with the double decker patties.

· Top with sliced roma tomato, sliced white onion rings, and MustKetch original.

· Place the toasted top half of the sesame seed bun over the burger before serving.