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Mustketch Veggie Kabobs

Nothing screams summertime like some kabobs on the grill. These Mustketch Grilled Veggie Kabobs are the perfect healthy side to serve at your BBQ this summer. You can easily add sausage or chicken for a complete Mustketch meal too! We hope you enjoy!


· 4 Corn on the Cobbs

· 1 Green Pepper

· 1 Red Pepper

· Zucchini

· Mustketch Orginial


· Chop corn into halves

· Chop all veggies into slices

· Layer veggies onto skewers

· Slather Mustketch onto corn while grilling if desired

· Don’t forget to rotate your skewers while grilling

· Dip your veggies into Mustketch after cooking, too!

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